Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent bubble suits now?

We are currently accepting reservations. If you would like to rent, please email us at

Is there a minimum number of bubble suits that I have to rent?

No, there is no minimum; however the price per bubble is much higher if you only rent a few bubbles as opposed to the 10 or 20 bubble packages (our standard package sizes).  Contact us to find out the price for the amount of bubbles that would fit your needs.

Do you have a facility where I can come to play?

Currently, we provide the equipment and you supply the field. However, we can deliver the equipment almost anywhere, and there are many public fields and parks in Phoenix. Also, some schools offer their fields for recreational use by the community. Note: Some parks and fields require a permit, reservation, and/or a use fee for organized or team activities, and that is your responsibility.

We are also working on forming a partnership with different facilities that will allow us to have a certain date and time each week where we can hold ‘open bubble soccer.’

Do I need a full-size soccer field?

Definitely not. In fact, for most groups, a much smaller field is better, to reduce the running and increase the fun! A basketball-court size field or court, either indoors or outdoors, works great for a 5-on-5 match.  We can make almost any area work depending on the number of participants.

Do I need any additional equipment?

No. The game requires our bubble suits, soccer ball, line markers, and goals. We can provide all of these. We suggest maybe bringing knee pads for extra comfort/protection and to make it easier to stand up since you can’t use your arms. As with any outdoor athletics, it is a good idea to bring sunscreen, water, and a towel.

Do you require a liability waiver (and what about minors)?

Yes, we do. As with any athletic sport, there is a risk of physical injury when playing bubble soccer. We will give you some tips on what not to do, but you are responsible for playing safely and sanely. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign a liability waiver.

Do I have to blow up the bubbles myself?

Nope. We have machines for that, and we will inflate them prior to your start time.

Do you include a referee to explain everything?

Yes, each rental includes a Game Master (who also acts as referee) who will instruct you on how to use the equipment and how to play safely, as well as help organize one of many games, including bubble soccer.

Do I have to follow formal soccer rules?

No! Our standard format is based on soccer, with some modifications to increase fun and safety. Plus, there are lots of other bubble-suit games that work with different numbers of people in different sized spaces. We’re happy to provide more information on request. Ultimately, how you play is up to you.

Is there a minimum (or maximum) height or weight?

Kind of. For the standard-size bubbles, we suggest that you be 5’2” or taller for the best experience. However, we can also provide smaller bubbles for children (at this time we only have 4 smaller bubbles). Due to the heavy nature of the bubbles, if you are under 5′ and/or are a little bit weaker (as many smaller children are) you may not get the most enjoyment out of using the bubbles as it may become hard to run around and get up on your own. Very tall people (6’2″+) should consider bringing knee pads for extra protection during falls.  The maximum weight is approximately 230 lbs but can be decided on a case by case basis as people have different body builds.  The biggest concern based on size is, if you are overweight, you may get stuck in the bubble suit.

Is it ok if I have long hair?

Yes, but you will need to put your hair up. If you roll upside down, which happens frequently during games, your hair could get caught between the bubble and the ground. Ouch.

Are there any limitations for what I can wear?

Yes.  Although you may wear pants, we suggest wearing some sort of workout clothing, as you will be running and getting sweaty.  Also, the following CAN NOT be worn while in the bubble suits: Cleats, jewelry, watches, any clothing that has any sharp points that may cause damage to the bubble suit, etc.  If you have any questions, you can ask the staff member on site or email us ahead of time with your concern.

How big are the bubbles?

About 5 feet across and about 20 pounds.

How big are the soccer balls?

We have both standard size soccer balls and 30-inch “beach-ball” soccer balls. Both are fun.

How do I wear the bubble?

The bubble is a globe or sphere with a tube through the middle where you stand. There is an opening above your head. Two safety belts hold the bubble on your shoulders, and there are two handles to hold onto with your hands.


Yes. It’s even more fun than it looks.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who can I ask?



This FAQ is intended to answer the common questions we get every day, and it’s still evolving, but if we’re missing something, please email us.